Core Lifter Assembly

The Core Lifter Assembly includes three (3) key parts to allow to firmly grip the core samples so that it can be broken and brought to the surface.   The  correct  gap between the core lifter, the core lifter case and the stop ring is essential-it is highly recommended to get these three parts from a common supplier to ensure maximum performance.


Stop Ring ensures that the core lifter stays in the core lifter case.  It is easily inserted into the grooved space provided in the core lifter case.


Core Lifter is a very important part of core recovery.  The inside part of the lifter comes in two styles, slotted and fluted (also known as broached) to ensure good grip regardless of the ground conditions.  A core lifter that is slotted is good for competent soil whereas as fluted core lifter provides better recovery in fractured ground.


Core Lifter Case

The core lifter case is very important when it is time to break the core sample.  Its tapered interior prevents the core lifter from moving and allows it to keep its grip on the core sample.