Wireline Drilling Tools and Accessories

Wireline core drilling is a special type of core drilling, most commonly used for mineral exploration.  It is the act or process of core drilling using wire line core barrel to cut the down time spent in hoisting and lowering of the drill string for taking out core sample every 3 meter run.


NQ, NQ3, HQ, HQ3, PQ, PQ3

Core barrrel assembly Inner tube stabilizer
Impregnated diamond core bit Surface set reaming shell
Head assembly Pump out assembly
Inner tube, 3.0 m length Split tube
Inner tube, 1.5 m length Overshot
Stop ring Drill rod & casing
Core lifter Inner tube wrenches
Core lifter case Outer tube wrenches
Locking coupling Hole Deflection Tools & Motors
Adapter coupling  
Landing ring  
Outer tube