Drilling fluid is used to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth for extraction  of  oil and natural gas, minerals and water.




  • Provide hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering in the well bore
  • Keep the drill bit cool and clean during drilling
  • Carry out drill cuttings while drilling is paused and when the drilling assembly is brought in and out of the hole
  • Avoid formation damage and limit corrosion



Liquid drilling fluid is often called drilling mud.  The three main categories of drilling fluids are:


  • water-based muds, which can be dispersed and non-dispersed
  • non-aqueous muds usually oil-based
  • gaseous drilling mud in which a wide range of gases can be used

Drilling Mud is classified based on their fluid phase, alkalinity, dispersion and the type of chemicals used.


  • Air:  Compressed air is pumped either down the bore  hole’s annular space or down the drill string itself;
  • Air/water:  Same as above, with water is added to increase viscosity, flush the hole, provide more cooling, and to control dust;
  • Air/polymer:  Polymer, is added to the water and air mixture to create specific conditions.  A foaming agent is a good example of polymer.
  • Water:  Water by itself is sometimes used.  In offshore drilling sea water is typically used while drilling the top section of the hole.
  • Water-based mud (WBM) Bentonite is the most common type of this drilling fluid often referred to as “gel”.  When being pumped into the borehole, it can be very thin and free-flowing (like chocolate milk) though when pumping is stopped, the static fluid builds a “gel” structure that resists flow.
  • Oil-based mud (OBM) A type of mud where the base fluid is petroleum product such as diesel fuel.  It increases lubricity, enhances shale inhibitors and greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity.
  • Synthetic-based mud (SBM) is mud where the base is synthetic oil.  Used in off-shore  rigs  because its properties are the same as oil-based but toxicity of fluid fumes are much less than OBM suitable for use in enclosed spaces.





High Yield Bentonite especially formulated for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling applications.  Characteristics meet API RP 13A Section 9 specifications.  Bentonite is a high yielding, easy to mix Sodium Bentonite drilling mud.







High molecular weight partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) polymer.  When mixed with fresh water, a small quantity provides a clear, solid-free viscous borehole stabilizing fluid for use in drilled shaft, auger drilling, horizontal directional boring, trenching excavation and reverse circulation (RC) rotary drilling.




Liquid polymer emulsion containing  partiallyhydrolysed   polyacrylamide/polyacrylate (PHPA) copolymer used primarily as a  viscosifier  and borehole stabilizer.







Environmentally safe product that uses a unique combination of solid lubricant and proprietary extreme pressure additive to impart outstanding anti-seize and anti-wear properties to the product.  This grease is especially formulated for drill pipe, weight pipe, as well as collars and may be used in a wide variety of operating temperatures.  This custom-made formulation prevents metal to metal contact under severe operating conditions and provides protection against seizure, galling and breakdown.




This tacky and heavy duty rod grease is especially designed to provide excellent coating to diamond drill rods in the most demanding surface or underground application.  Its super tacky texture guarantees maximum grease adherence and coating of drill rods.  It prevents rod chattering or binding while in the hole and is fortified with rust preventing additives to keep rods in premier conditions while in storage.  It has excellent extreme pressure properties and load carrying ability.




BIO-LUBE is a highly effective and environmentally acceptable ester- based lubricant used in most water-based drilling fluids.  It is recommended to be used as lubricant for deviated or horizontal wells to minimize torque, drag, differential sticking and bit BHA balling problems in particularly off-shore operations.





Natural, linseed based soft soap used a core tube lubricant on diamond core drills.





Foam Plus is environmentally friendly and biodegradable product with a blend of anionic surfactants which generates instant high foam quality of exceptional stability. It is economical to use and produces stable foam concentrations compatible with all types of make-up water including brackish, salty and hard water.It improves  hole cleaning and increases penetration rates.