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Mining & Petroleum Services Corporation (MIPSCOR) was registered with the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission on April 6, 1988,   initially,  as a business primarily engaged in providing contract drilling services in energy development, mining and exploration companies within the Philippines and overseas.  The downturn in economic investments in 1997 resulted in restructuring the company and phasing out the drilling rigs due to significantly reduced demands for contract drilling services.


Currently, MIPSCOR, as accredited importer and trader with Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Internal Revenue and Department of Energy and Natural Resources, focuses on imports and supply of drilling fluids and additives, grease and lubricants, auxiliary drilling and mining equipment, tools, instruments and spare parts to exploration, mining, energy development, water well and construction companies with drilling activities in both  urban  centers  and regional areas of the Philippines.





Wireline Parts

NQ, NQ3, HQ, HQ3, PQ, PQ3 core barrel assembly, impregnated diamond core bits, drill rods & casings, inner tube stabilizer, surface set reaming shell, head assembly, pump-out assembly, inner tube (3.0m & 1.5m) length, outer tube, split tube, overshot, stop ring, core lifter, core lifter cases, inner tube wrenches, locking coupling, adapter coupling, landing ring, hole deflection tools & motors


Downhole Survey Tools

DeviFlex non-magnetic electronic multishot tool for surveying inside casings and drill strings by simply using the wireline system


Core Trays

Stackable plastic core trays in PQ HQ and NQ sizes and accessories core blocks, markers, tags manufactured in Australia


Electric Core Saw

Philippine made and/or imported materials and motor, 3HP, single phase, 1,750 rpm, 230V, 60Hz, horizontal  foot mounted


Core Saw Blades

12 in. and 14 in. core saw blades for soft, medium, medium-hard, hard, abrasive or non- abrasive  rock formations.


Drilling Mud and Additives

High yield bentonite, pellets/chips, coated tablets, granular crumbles, coarse chips, liquid and powder polymer, rod and thread grease, foam, soft soap and other commercial  chemicals


Geological and Laboratory Tools and Instruments

Compasses, Distance Meters, Scribblers, Notebooks, Markers, Measuring Tapes and Instruments





MIPSCOR owns and operates Office and Storage Facility on a 1,800 sq. meter lot located at No.8 Southcoast Industrial Estate, Barangay Bancal, Carmona, Cavite.  The industrial estate is near the famous Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club approximately 36 kilometers by road southwest of Metro Manila.





Landline: (02) 8079968; (02) 8073503; (046) 4301848; (046) 4301849

Wireless: (02) 5145990; (02) 8713781

Mobile: 09178909968; 09178198511; 09285030707

Fax: (02) 8423516; (046) 4301840

E-mail: vic.solic@mipscor.netangelina.solic@mipscor.netdan.diego@mipscor.net





Address: No.8  Southcoast Industrial Estate Barangay Bancal, Carmona, Cavite  4116

Tel. No.: (02) 8079968

Fax No.: (02) 8423516

Email Address: info@mipscor.net