Discoverer Core Trays/Core Box

The “DISCOVERER” is the first core tray/core box in the world to truly nest and stack saving companies thousands of dollars in transportation and freight costs.  The trays nest economically inside each another, allowing 100 per cent more trays to fit into a container or onto a pallet, significantly cutting the cost of transporting trays out to the mine site  located  in remote areas.


Once on the site, the core trays are then ready to use and can be filled with core and stacked on top of each other.  With its unique design, the core in each row is never touched by the other rows, leaving the integrity of the cores intact and able to be store without interference.


The Discoverer Core Trays are made of quality polymer and UV inhibitors therefore they will not experience corrosion or rust and most importantly, suitable for most extreme climatic conditions.


The Discoverer Core Trays are safer and easier to use. They have comfortable molded handles at both ends so they can be carried by either one or two persons, and picked up and put down without the risk of squashing fingers.



Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 60mm
Diameter: 38mm
Core Capacity: 7 metres
Colours: Pastel Grey
Weight: approx. 2.3kgs
Pallet Qty: Truck approx. 125
Container* approx. 129


Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 81mm
Diameter: 65mm
Weight: approx. 2.1kgs
Core Capacity: 4 metres
Colours: Pastel Green
Pallet Qty: Truck approx. 132
Container* approx. 156


Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 67.5mm
Diameter: 52.5mm
Weight: approx. 1.9kgs
Core Capacity: 5 metres
Colours: Beige
Pallet Qty: Truck approx. 171
Container* approx. 191


Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 106mm
Diameter: 86.5mm
Weight: approx. 2.4kgs
Core Capacity: 3 metres
Colours: Pastel Blue
Pallet Qty: Truck approx. 120
Container* approx. 126